Tyga - Rack City

This is Rack City by Tyga. I have no clue who Tyga is and I think this track is pretty lame although the chorus is catchy. This video is up here because of the ass! Damn! How can you not watch a video filled with big booty in thongs?

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Rack city, bitch, rack rack city, bitch
Ten, ten, ten, twenty on yo titties, bitch
100 deep VIP, no guest list
T-Raw, you don't know who you fuckin with
Got my other bitch fuckin' with my other bitch


Make the Girl Dance - Baby, Baby, Baby

This is "Baby, Baby, Baby" by French electro group Make the Girl Dance. Three hot girls from France strip naked and take turns walking down the streets of Paris singing the lyrics to 'Baby, Baby, Baby'.

Catchy song and great video. Very racy!

Spankers - Sex on the Beach

Come on everybody and raise your drinks in the air
and let's make a toast to good times and good friends,
to the clubs, to the discos and all the party, all around the world.
Everyone, everywhere, let's have a drink and party!

Sex, sex, sex on the beach,
Sex, sex, sex on the beach,
Sex, sex, sex on the beach,
Sex, sex, sex on the beach,
Oh Yeah!

This was a great summer song in 2010. Mindless lyrics, infectious beat and a busty girl in a bikini with her booty hanging out of her swimsuit. Everyone was shaking their butts on the club dance floors when this song came on. Sex on the Beach by Spankers.


N.E.R.D. - Lapdance [Uncensored]

This is the uncensored version of NERD's Lapdance video. N*E*R*D released this catchy rap track back in 2001 and it features Vita and Lee Harvey. Lapdance was produced by The Neptunes.

This uncensored video contains lots of strippers and nudity, so this is for the 18+ people only. The video is filled with lots of boobies and topless girls!


Lady - Twerk

Well damn, this video is as hot as it gets! I don't know who Lady is, but her video is sexy as hell. Big booty girls twerking and shaking their butts to the beat!

Enjoy "Twerk" by Lady!